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(LinuxWorld) — One of my non-profit Web sites,, ran on my modified version of the PHP-Nuke weblog package from the site's inception in March 2001 until late November 2002. I chose PHP-Nuke as a starting point because I was very impressed with it. However, the more I learned how to use PHP, the more I realized that PHP-Nuke was not only a tangled mess but that I had made it even worse with my modifications. A year later, I was faced with the fact that was not only lame because it was based on PHP-Nuke, it was also showing its age. It lacked features of other weblogs, and still lacked many of the features I had intended to add to the site. If I were going to fix the code, the first thing I would do would be to make it an object-oriented system. I toyed with the idea of converting my code into OOP-based code, but I concluded that if the P... (more)

Variety is the spyce of Python

(LinuxWorld) — Python is one of the most versatile languages on the planet. Here are a few examples of the language's well-roundedness: You can use it to write sophisticated object oriented works of artYou can toss together something akin to a shell scriptIt can be multi-platformIt can be platform-neutralIt can generate Java byte codesYou can write full-blown GUI applications with PythonYou can choose from among several GUI frameworks including Qt and GtkPython makes a dandy Web-application language In my last article, I described a relative newcomer to the Python server-side... (more)

A new distro in town: Gentoo emerges victorious

(LinuxWorld) — A relatively new distribution called Gentoo Linux is gaining a rapidly increasing, rabidly loyal group of users. The increasing popularity of Gentoo is almost difficult to explain, given that it's clearly a distribution by geeks, for geeks and for nobody but geeks. Obviously a geek can set up a Gentoo system for a non-geek, so you may find novices using Gentoo. You just won't find many novices installing it. To be more precise, Gentoo Linux is not really a distribution but a meta-distribution. You don't usually install pre-compiled binaries when you add software t... (more)

No FUD about FUDForum

(LinuxWorld) -- I found the ideal forum software for my non-profit sites, and It's called FUDForum. I'd like to say that I chose FUDForum after carefully examining the interface, feature set, and the quality of the code, but it really came down to one thing. It looked pretty. I later discovered that it also has a wonderful feature set along with many other things to recommend it. However, pure physical attraction caught me. Here's how it happened. One of the computer games I play is Anarchy Online, a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG... (more)

GNOME & KDE docs & themes

(LinuxWorld) -- Thanks to everyone who responded to the column GNOME and KDE revisited. I got a broad range of responses. One person who hasn't done any development yet for either GNOME or KDE immediately echoed my sentiments about the superior maturity of the documentation for KDE and Qt. Last week, I said I would address the issues of maturity, language, and theme handling regarding GNOME and GTK, so this letter provides me a convenient segue into the first of these topics. Unfortunately, I won't have room this week to get into the issue of language, but I hope my rant about th... (more)